4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency in Royal Oak Michigan

It seems like each and every month the rates for utilities goes up. However, there are things you can do in terms of home improvement which can have a huge impact on how energy efficient your home can be. The following 4 ways are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. When you hire a home improvement contractor in Royal Oak Michigan to do any of these projects for you be sure to inquire about the energy ratings of the products used in the home improvement project. 

4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency in Royal Oak Michigan

One way to look at how much a home improvement can actually improve your home is by determining just how much return you can get on the investment. If the home improvement project costs $1,000 dollars yet is able to save $100 on your energy bill each month then the project would basically pay for itself in just 10 months. Another way it can improve your home is by adding more functionality to your home as well as increasing the curb appeal of the home. Increasing the curb appeal of your home will increase the value of your home dramatically. All of the following home improvement projects will be able to increase the curb appeal of your home and subsequently improve the value of the home.

4 Ways to Increase Your Home's Energy Efficiency in Royal Oak Michigan

Replace the Windows in Your Home

One of the best home improvement projects for increasing your home’s energy efficiency is installing new replacement windows. New windows are much more energy efficient than those made just 15 years ago. Plus, new windows can improve your home’s curb appeal as well. In fact, installing replacement windows in your home is one of the top rated home improvement projects you can do for a return on your investment. Many home owners consider the windows to pay for themselves in just a few years. With replacement windows you will need to consider looking at the energy efficiency rating of the windows. All windows and doors sold today must have the energy star rating displayed on them which allows consumers to determine just how energy efficient they are.

Install New Siding on Your Home

Another great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to replace the siding on your home. There are many siding choices today that have an excellent energy efficient rating. Plus, when coupled with insulation that is added behind the siding the insulation factor increases dramatically as well as energy efficiency. Not only that but in terms of curb appeal, replacing the siding on your home will have  huge impact and likely more than any other exterior home improvement project.

Install a New Roof on Your Home

Replacing the roof on your home with a complete roofing system will also have an effect on energy efficiency of the home. Many of the roofing systems today include membrane layers that can help to not only protect the home from leaks but allow for better energy efficiency of the home. Selecting a shingle color to help with heating or cooling of the home is also a great way to help with energy efficiency of the home. Talking with a roofing contractor about your roofing choices can help you better understand how new roofing will affect not only the home’s energy efficiency but also the curb appeal of the home.

Replace Your Entry Doors

Most home owners never consider the entry door of their to be a place where it affects energy efficiency. However, since the door is always moving it may start to wear and lose seal which can allow cold air to enter in the winter. Just like windows however replacing them can increase the home’s energy efficiency. And since doors also must display the energy efficiency rating you’ll know just how energy efficient they are before you buy them.

Talk With a Home Improvement Expert Today About Your Project

While all of the home improvement projects above can help to increase the energy efficiency of your home, if you don’t hire a qualified contractor to install them you could end up getting less energy efficiency. Hiring a qualified contractor means that you’ll enjoy the benefits of the project without the hassle of problems. Call one of the top contractors in Royal Oak Michigan today to discuss your home improvement project. At Royal Oak Remodeling Contractor they can provide excellent, qualified installation of roofing, siding, doors, and windows in the Royal Oak Michigan area. Plus, they have free estimates! Call today at 734-509-8010