Choosing the Right Siding in Plymouth Michigan for your Home

Whether you are remodeling your home or just sprucing up the place, one great way to add a lot of curb appeal is with choosing new siding in Plymouth Michigan. Selecting the right siding profile can really make a big impact on how your home looks. You’ve likely decided on the color long before you even started looking at siding in detail. You now just have to pick what profile will work best for your home. Here’s a few tips to get you started.

Choosing the Right Siding in Plymouth Michigan for your Home

Today, there are many options when it comes to the siding on your home. Just a few decades ago the siding options that were available were very limited and the costs of each were widely diverse. Today, the options that are available for your home can be economical but they can also look great as well. The choices that are available today also are very durable and have a warranty that is attached in most cases which can last for decades. And one other thing you should consider when getting siding installed on your home is the options that are available for colors and styles. Many of the siding choices today such as vinyl siding or fiber cement siding have different designs and each of these designs can different colors which makes huge options for homeowners. Here are some of the options that are available and what you should look for:

Choosing the Right Siding in Plymouth Michigan for your Home

Horizontal or Vertical

The architecture of your home will most dictate what type of siding and the profile you opt for, but you should consider that siding can be horizontal or vertical. Talk with your contractor regarding what could work the best for your home. Traditional styles such as the craftsman or Cape Cod style homes work best with the horizontal siding we all know and love. While beaded siding works to create dimension in its shadowed lines, this choice should be best suited for a colonial style house. It helps to heighten the home and can create the sense of a more grandeur appearance.

Size is Important

You should keep in mind the width of the profile in your siding. Certain homes, such as a colonial, may look better with a wider panel, while others would likely look better with a more narrow profile. Wider panels will amplify an ample façade while a narrow profile will cast a shadow to make a home appear taller. This could look best on a ranch style or bungalow home. Your contractor will be able to show you examples and help you to determine what size will look best for your home.

Change it Up

We are all so used to uniformity and keeping with the status quo for our home exteriors, but the thing is, no one says you have to be boring with your home’s look. Mix textures and colors to create a unique and appealing appearance. Adding shakes or gables can diversify the look of your home and add visual interest. By doing this, you also add design dimension and can make a big impact when comparing your home to others when it comes time to sell.

Reflect Your Style

Your home’s exterior is a big and important project. It can be overwhelming and a lot to handle at times, but remember that it is worth it in the end. Also keep in mind that the professionals are there to help us and can keep you focused on making the right choices. Keep in mind that your home is a reflection of you and your style, so don’t feel pressured to stay inside the confines of what you think is acceptable. Be bold and unique, but keep in mind how the look could appear to future buyers. A happy medium could be perfect to offset your home from the rest in your neighborhood while still being appealing to even the most eclectic buyer.

Call a Contractor for a Consultation

In order to fully understand the options it’s best to talk with a licensed siding contractor such as Home Pros Plymouth. They offer a full, no cost consultation to help you understand the options that are available to you. Call them today at 734-548-9911 for a free quote and schedule a consultation for your siding project.