Common Mistakes for a Kitchen Renovation in Southgate Michigan

The kitchen is a great place to really make the most of a home renovation or even as a stand alone home improvement project. Not only can you put a fresh look on your kitchen and update some things, but you also have the chance to fix quite a few mistakes that find their way in the kitchen. Most reputable kitchen remodel contractors in Southgate Michigan will be able to advise you on these mistakes but it’s also important that you know about them as well. Many of these are complete design mistakes, forcing you to adapt to a way of kitchen life that is not only inconvenient, but often just plain odd. Knowing that these mistakes are out there, make sure to avoid repeating them or not correcting them when it comes to your new kitchen renovation.

Common Mistakes for a Kitchen Renovation in Southgate Michigan

Having the kitchen you want can be quite amazing. Then you may realize that what you wanted isn’t exactly functional and creates a problem in the way the kitchen flows. Many home owners will face this problem and it’s usually only discovered after the project which can be expensive to fix. The layout of the kitchen is one of the biggest problems that you may encounter and something that you should put a lot of thought into. Here are some problems that you’ll certainly want to consider for your kitchen remodel project:

Common Mistakes for a Kitchen Renovation in Southgate Michigan

Storage Issues

Probably the most common kitchen mistake that is made in designs is that of storage. There is only so much you can do if you have a small kitchen, but keep in mind that there is still many tricks to make the most of your space and amplify your storage no matter the size of your kitchen. Hidden compartments and extra drawers can be useful additions for storage options, but be sure they work with your existing or planned layout to make the most of it!

Outlet Placement

If you are someone who uses a lot of small kitchen appliances or if you find yourself constantly unplugging one thing to plug in another, you may need to try to include more outlets in your kitchen renovation. As more and more kitchen gadgets come out, it is always better to have more outlets than you think you need!

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes


Often kitchens tend to not have any particular reason for their layout. As you cook, you tend to do things in a certain order or in a particular fashion. When planning your kitchen renovation, take the time to determine if there is a way to make your workflow easier and more efficient when you are working in the kitchen. Typically, well-functioning kitchens work in a triangle system. This is where the sink, stove, and refrigerator form an imaginary triangle with one another. Any movement within the triangle should be easy and comfortable.

Ventilation System

Ever burnt something in your kitchen and then reaped the consequences for a week and a half? There’s actually no reason for this as the proper ventilation would allow your home to air out. Having a hood range or ceiling fan is nothing to skip out on when it comes time to plan for your kitchen renovation. These are essential for a kitchen if you want to enjoy the time you have in there, as well as the time out of the room!

Professional Help

We live in a DIY society where we are able to watch the latest video or newest blog article and are instant experts on how to renovate an entire home. Unfortunately, it just isn’t that easy. All too often homeowners jump onto the DIY bandwagon only to find that they are in too deep and need professional help. The worst part of this is that hiring a professional from the beginning would have saved plenty of time and money. Never be afraid to call a professional before you jump into a project that you aren’t sure about. Attempting to do things yourself in a home renovation can lead to wasted money, time, and you could risk seriously hurting yourself and damaging your home. Call All Point Construction today at 734-407-7110 to discuss your kitchen remodel project and get a free estimate on the project.