Common Warning Signs Your Water Heater in Downriver Michigan Is Failing

There’s nothing more refreshing than waking up in the morning and hopping into a hot and steamy shower, making your morning way better than what it was before. There’s no wonder why water heaters are so modern, they provide a lot to use as people and when they begin to fail, it’s definitely something we dread. Unfortunately, plenty of things in this world have a lifespan and your water heater in Downriver Michigan will eventually fail, but it’s always best to know the warning signs of a failing water heater, that way you can best prepare yourself.

Signs Of A Failing Water Heater

Warning signs that your water heater is beginning to fail can show up out of nowhere, so it’s your job to best prepare yourself and know the warning signs before your water heater completely gives out. Just like many aspects of your home, your water heater requires maintenance to continue working in perfect shape and failing to do so would ultimately lead to serious dangers and damages if you’re not careful. So always take care of your water heater and keep these common warning signs in mind in the future.

Water Heater Repair Downriver MI

Cold Water Instead Of Hot

This is typically a given and pretty obvious to point out, however it does need to be addressed regardless. If your hot water comes out cold, then it’s the sign that there’s a problem with your water heater. Inspect your burner to ensure that the flame is blue, if it’s not then that indicates your water heater has a problem that you’ll need to have repaired.

Old Age

Like mentioned above, every water heater comes with an expected lifespan and these lifespans can come quicker than you’d think. Typical lifespans of water heaters are 8-12 years. Of course this lifespan can be altered and shortened if your water heater isn’t properly taken care of, so staying on top of maintenance is ideal to keep it alive for longer. It’s recommended that you begin keeping a closer eye out at the 6 year mark of your water heater for warning signs of failure.

Old Water Heater

Leaking Water Heater

Leaking can happen from your water heater rusting, this is a serious problem. If your water heater is rusted, then it will lead to leaking. This problem doesn’t always get seen as your water heater can actually rust from the inside and you won’t be able to tell until the leak presents itself. Replacing it soon is your best bet for keeping a puddle of water from pooling on your floor.

Water Is Discolored

Water that is discolored is often the result of rust inside of your water heater. However, if your water seems to be a smoky color and stinks, then it could be due to mineral sediment. Mineral sediment can be a problem to your water heater, it can begin clogging up your drain valves and cause the bottom of your water heater tank to begin overheating. So it’s best to keep a close eye on your water heater.

Noises Coming From Water Heater

If you’ve noticed your water heater having noises coming from it, then it could be because mineral sediment is inside of it. Banging and popping noises while your water heater heats up is typically an indication that mineral sediment has built itself up in the bottom of your tank and could possibly be overheating it. Your water heater is cooling and heating, so the sediment will begin melting and hardening over and over again, which isn’t good for your water heater.

These warning signs will help you determine if your water heater is in need of servicing or not. If you notice any of these warning signs, then it may be in your best interest to call a professional to see about having your water heater serviced. That way, you won’t find yourself stuck with no hot water in the morning of a big day. It’s always best to hire a professional plumber such as Downriver Plumbers who knows how to service water heaters instead of trying to do it yourself, because if you mess something up you’ll end up spending a lot more money having serious damage repaired or even having to get a replacement done because of one simple mistake that could have been avoided. Call them today at (734) 548-9925 for water heater repair in Downriver Michigan.