Getting a Kitchen Remodel in Plymouth Michigan? Don’t Forget the Counter-Tops

Has the counter-tops in your home started to look more like a commercial kitchen where everything is just bland and doesn’t have any design aspect to it? If you’re consider a kitchen remodel in your home make sure you consider getting the counter-tops changed. Hiring a home improvement contractor in Plymouth Michigan to do a full kitchen remodel should include replacing the counter-tops of your kitchen. And with the options that are available today, getting a kitchen that looks great and is functional is certainly something you should be aiming for in your kitchen remodel project in Plymouth Michigan.

Getting a Kitchen Remodel in Plymouth Michigan? Don’t Forget the Counter-Tops

Counter-tops are both a functional part of your kitchen and a wonderful aesthetic accent for your entire home. When considering your counter-tops there are a number of aspects you may want to take into account beyond beauty and functionality. First, what kind of material should I consider?

Getting a Kitchen Remodel in Plymouth Michigan? Don't Forget the Counter-Tops

Types and kinds of counter-tops that are available

Granite (stone), Wood, Laminate, and Ceramic are all wonderful options to choose from in Plymouth Michigan, but also with a variety of benefits and drawbacks depending on what you want them to do for you. Granite has a natural beauty that is desired by a great many people, but it is expensive and should be installed by professional contractors. More than the beauty of Granite and other natural stone counter-tops is its durability; it will last for many years to come. Wood counter-tops are moderately durable as well as cost effective. The aesthetic is also very appealing provided you do not damage it by placing something hot on it. Laminate counter-tops are a wonderful option for any home because of the versatility that it offers and can be beautiful as well. Tile or Ceramic offers an amazing array of color and design making it very customizable, but can also be very difficult to install, again something that should probably be done by a qualified home improvement contractor in Plymouth Michigan such as Home Pros Plymouth.

Which counter-top is best for your kitchen remodel project in Plymouth Michigan?

As a general rule all of the materials listed above will work wonderfully as kitchen counter-tops. If you have a specific function in mind like baking for example, you will probably want wooden counter-tops for kneading dough. Ceramic counter-tops are easy cleanup and difficult to stain, so if you are entertaining guests perhaps that is your option. If you are curious about which one is right for you, go to your local home improvement store and ask about the options available.

Well I found what I like, so what does it cost?

Well the pricing can become difficult without the specific information unique to each kitchen. Most counter-tops are sold by linear foot, ranging from on the low-end Laminate $15.00 to $250.00 for high end Stone such as Marble. Further considerations of cost include do you have a strange angle that has to be custom made, are you replacing a sink or other appliance that the counter-top will affect, and how available is the material you have chosen? It is always wise to have a professional install your new counter-tops (you don’t want to break something that costs $250.00 per foot do you) because they are skilled and trained to do it right the first time. Think of it as a guarantee that nothing unfortunate happens to your kitchen or the money you are putting into it.

Still on the edge?

If you are considering a full kitchen remodel, or just upgrading the counter-tops that you have, it is worth thinking of this as a long-term investment in your home. Re-sale value and personal satisfaction should be considered the same as cost. Both beautiful and functional, new counter-tops of any kind will give your home a personal flair, something that is unique too you and representing your style.

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