Is Your Home’s Siding in Downriver Michigan Damaged? Here’s How To Tell

Your siding plays a major role in the protection system for your home, this includes your roof, gutter, windows, siding, etc. All of these things are there to protect you and your home from various amounts of things such as harsh weather and elements that could intrude into your home. If you’re in the position where you think your siding has damage, then you’re in the right place. We’ll cover most of the basic warning signs that your siding has been damaged, that way you can determine whether a replacement or repair needs to be done on your home siding in Downriver Michigan.

Is Your Home’s Siding in Downriver Michigan Damaged? Here’s How To Tell

When looking at your siding for damage, many people become confused. Mainly because they aren’t that experienced with siding, so looking for certain types of damage may seem normal to them, although damage to your siding can normally be crystal clear, sometimes damages can be hidden or unseen by someone who doesn’t know what exactly they’re looking for, that’s why we’ve put together some tips so you can find out if your home’s siding is damaged or not.

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What To Look For With Different Sidings

When it comes to damaged siding, it can both be universal and not universal, some damage signs such as cracks can happen on various different sidings and so on. So it’s best to know what exactly you’re looking for when searching for damage on your exact siding, whether that be vinyl, wood, or fiber-cement. Regardless of what siding you have, you’ll be able to take some of these tips and imply them at home.

Vinyl Siding Damages

Vinyl siding is a great siding that proves how durable it really can be, with its low maintenance requirements and low cost, it’s a common siding to be used on many houses. While it is very durable, damage can still happen. Inspect your vinyl siding thoroughly and if you come across anything that we mention below, you may have a damaged siding.

  • Cracking
  • Warping/Bubbling
  • Mold/Mildew
  • Missing Vinyl Strips
  • Holes
  • Sagging Areas

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Wood Siding Damages

Wood siding is known for its beauty and aesthetically pleasing look, however wood siding is very prone to damages as it’s made from wood. A lot of elements are a threat to wood siding such as water, insects, animals, and moisture inside of it. These things can compromise your home’s siding, which could leave your home compromised. Damages below need to be taken seriously and you’ll want to hire a professional siding contractor to have the damages fixed.

  • Rot
  • Mold/Mildew
  • Cracks/Splits
  • Denting
  • Small Holes For Insects/Animals

Fiber-Cement Siding Damages

Wood siding is expensive and highly labor intensive to keep up with maintenance, that’s why many homeowners prefer to go with fiber-cement siding instead. It gives off the wooden look while remaining very durable and versatile, this siding isn’t prone to having many damages happen as it’s got plenty of benefits such as being heat resistant. However, damages can always happen, so if you notice any of the damages below, contact a professional to have it checked out.

  • Warping/Bubbling
  • Small Holes
  • Cracks
  • Sagging Areas
  • Discoloration/Peeling

How To Deal With Damaged Siding

Alright, now that you know what the signs of damages are for different sidings, you’ll now want to know how to deal with the information. When inspecting your siding for these different types of damages, make sure you’re inspecting every area of siding around your house, pay close attention to small details such as holes where insects may be chewing out your home’s foundation. Regardless of what damage your siding is suffering from, it’s important to take action before the damage begins to spread even more. If you notice your siding is experiencing damage, have a professional siding expert come inspect your siding and let you know how bad the damage is, that way you get a better feeling knowing everything that is wrong, not just what you can exactly see.

If your siding is suffering from damages, then you could find many things happening. Such as your energy bills rising, weak foundation, and even mold beginning to grow. These things cause big trouble, so it’s important that you hire a professional siding contractor to have your siding repaired or replaced, depending on the damage. All Point Construction is one of the best home improvement contractors in Downriver Michigan. They are fully qualified and affordable. Call them today at (734) 407-7110 to get a free quote!