Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Siding in Downriver Michigan

One home improvement project that can make a tremendous difference in terms of curb appeal and appearance of your home is the siding on your home. If the siding on your home is older, looks a bit dull or dingy, or is damaged in some way it may be time to replace your home’s siding in Downriver Michigan. However, properly maintaining siding can ensure it lasts for a long time and keeps its appearance for many years. No matter what type of siding you have make sure you follow routine maintenance procedures. We’ll go over some tips to maintaining your home’s siding in Downriver Michigan in this article.

Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Siding in Downriver Michigan

As I mentioned above, the siding installed on your home has a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. Routine maintenance can keep your siding looking great for many years. In fact, some siding choices today last more than 50 years. Make sure your siding looks great that entire time. One of the most common siding choices in Downriver Michigan today is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding provides a great looking finish to your home at an affordable price. However, vinyl siding should be properly maintained and installed correctly in order to properly sustain its appearance over time. There are many grades of vinyl siding from low-quality to high quality and each will have their own pros and cons. In any of it make sure you always use a qualified siding contractor do you have the siding installed. with that said here are some tips to keep the siding on your home looking great for many years:

Tips to Maintain Your Home's Siding in Downriver Michigan

Keep the Siding Clean

When spring rolls around each year and everyone gets into the spring cleaning buzz it’s a good idea to also clean the siding on your home. Each year siding should be cleaned properly using mild detergents and a brush.  Dirt and grime can stick to the siding creating a film that can make the siding look aged and dirty. Using a soft bristle brush you can easily scrub most this away on vinyl siding. Some homeowners choose to use pressure washing to wash the vinyl but if you do big sure not to damage to siding when doing so. You’ll also want to test any detergents or so you plan on using on your vinyl siding to make sure it doesn’t damage the siding in any way before you completely cover your home in it.

Is Anything Touching the Siding?

With spring comes new plants and growth for our plants in the flower beds. Make sure that the shrubs around your home or any plants does it come in contact with a siding. It may not seem like much of a problem but when the wind starts to blow and moves the plants around it can scrub against the siding causing discolorations and other damages. You’ll also want to make sure trees don’t come in contact with the siding and trim any branches that may be too close to the home siding which can cause the same problem.

Make Sure the Gutters on your Home are Clear

Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of problems. From creating roof ice dams in the winter to creating stains and other discolorations on your siding. If the gutters on your home are overflowing with debris it will only take a few times that the siding will start to look dirty and aged. Keeping your gutters clear and downspouts clear can I eliminate this problem.

Look for Problems on the Siding

One thing as a homeowner you can do to ensure your siding last a long time is too regularly inspect the siding. Look for things like cracks that can allow Water behind the siding flow warps in deciding which can allow water to enter behind the siding. If your siding requires painting such as wooden siding make sure to keep a fresh coat of paint on the siding so that it doesn’t start to crack and allow water to enter the siding. If you do find some problems on your siding be sure to always get it repaired as quickly as possible to prevent any water damage from your home.

Call a Qualified Contractor

Whenever you have siding installed on your home it should be done per manufacturer’s instructions and specifications. One way to ensure that happens is to hire a fully qualified siding contractor in Downriver Michigan. One of the best siding contractors available today is All Point Construction. All Point construction has a full siding crew I can help with your siding installation and repairs if needed. They also offer free estimates. Call today at 734-407-7110 for more details and to get a quote on installing new siding for your home.