Top Reasons Why You May Have a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

When your roof is leaking, it can be a hassle since it’s something that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. There’s plenty of things that can cause your roof to leak. Once you discover your roof is leaking, putting it off will potentially cause more damage and be more costly in the near future. It’s always best to call a roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan as soon as you notice a problem with your home’s roof. In this article, we’ll discover the top reasons that can cause a roof leak on your home.

Top Reasons Why You May Have a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

One of the most common issues when it comes to a roof leak, is the age of your roof. Unfortunately, like everything in life, your roof has a lifespan as well. Your roof protects your foundation all throughout the years, and it definitely will get weaker due to storms, and climate. So you have to ask yourself the fatal question, is it best to repair your homes roof, or replace it? Hiring a local roofing company to inspect your roof to be the judge of that will most likely be your best option.

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Punctured Roof

There’s plenty of things that can puncture your roof leaving holes to start leaks. Branches falling from nearby trees can certainly damage your roof and leave a hole to let water seep into your roof, to even satellites being removed and not properly filling holes from cables running into your roof. Go to your attic, if you spot any sunlight coming through, then you know your roof has holes that will need to be filled to avoid further damage to your home.

Gutters Are Backed Up

Gutters play a huge roll in keeping the water from going down the side of your home, leaving moisture, mildew, and much more to your home. However, gutters can get backed up and cause water to build up on your roof. Gutters usually won’t cause your roof to start leaking, but it can certainly contribute to it.

Damaged Shingles

One of the most obvious signs of a leaking roof is damaged shingles. Shingles can become damaged from lots of things, weather, old age, and much more. They can deteriorate, curl up on the edges, and even go missing. Maintaining your roof regularly will ensure you find out if your roof has damaged shingles before it gets worse. Asphalt singles typically have a lifespan of about 20 years, so make sure your roof isn’t at the end of its lifespan.

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Damage To Your Flashes

When your roof has vents, chimney, and other things on it, it will have to be sealed to keep the water from seeping into your home. That’s where flashes comes into play. Flashing seals the stuff on your roof and over time can move out of place, or even dry up the caulking.

Chimney Leaks

Chimneys are prone to letting water into your home, just by little cracks and holes in it. Inspecting your chimney is pretty easy to do. If you do find any cracks or holes in your chimney, you should resolve it before it gets worse. Water can even build up at the bottom of your chimney which can be costly in the end.

Roof Ventilation

Over time, your roofs vents can cause leaks due to a few reasons. One of the most notable reasons being cracked gaskets. If you suspect your roofs vents to be leaking, you should get a close up inspection done as quickly as you can to make sure more water doesn’t come into your home.

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Skylights are pretty modern, bringing life and beauty to your home. But, they can also cause roof leaks. Skylight leaks can usually be identified pretty easily. The biggest cause for your skylight to be leaking is bad measurements, leaving cracks around your skylight to let water in. If you find your skylight to be leaking, hiring a professional to get it sorted out before it gets out of hand is ideal.


We all know roof leaks can be the worst, knowing water can be so damaging is the best reason to get a leak fixed as soon as possible. Water can cause permanent damage to your home, which is never good. It can cause mildew, algae, moisture, and much more which can be a very costly project to fix. Leaking roofs can also cause house fires, due to water being exposed to live wires throughout your home. If your home has a roof leak be sure to call Home Pros Plymouth at (734) 548-9911 for a full roof inspection and repairs. They are fully licensed and insured and offers free quotes on roofing projects in the Plymouth Michigan area.