5 Tips to Help Prevent Roof Damage in Troy Michigan

Has your roof been damaged by storms or other problems? When you have a roof leak on your home it can damage all sorts of areas of the home. Being able to prevent some of this roof damage is possible with some proactive steps. We’ll share some tips that can help you prevent damages to your home’s roof and ensure the roof you have lasts a long time. For help with any of these problems you may need the help of a qualified roofer in Troy Michigan which we’ll include details for you below.

5 Tips to Help Prevent Roof Damage in Troy Michigan

Don’t let a roof leak cause damage to your home. When you have a roof leak be sure to always have a qualified roofing professional come out and make repairs. The tips we’ve included below are used more for preventing damage rather than repairing the damage that has been done to your home’s roof. We’d also like to mention that it is not advised to go onto your home’s roof for any reason. It can cause even more damage to your home’s roof and you can be injured from falling from the roof. Tips we’ve mentioned below may require the use of a licensed contractor to perform while some can be done by a home owner.

5 Tips to Help Prevent Roof Damage in Troy Michigan

Trim Trees Away from the Roof

During storms the biggest problem is the wind. The wind can not only damage the roof itself by breaking away shingles and other roofing components but it can also damage the trees around the home. When a tree branch is hanging over the home and is broken by the storms or wind it will come crashing down on the roof and usually damage the roof. Even if the tree branch isn’t broken and falls onto the roof, if it comes in contact with the roof it can rub away granules from the shingles which can make the shingles age prematurely. Make sure you don’t have any trees that may be a threat to your home’s roof and if so be sure to keep them trimmed to protect the roof.

Keep Gutters Clean

While it may not seem a huge problem, when it comes to gutters be sure to keep them flowing and clear. Cleaning your gutters a few times per year can help to protect the home’s roof. As the gutters get clogged up it makes water back up onto the roof which can get under shingles and cause a roof leak. Having clogged gutters in winter can also lead to roof ice dams on the roof which can also damage the roof. Keeping your gutters clear is a good idea and is best to do so in the spring and fall of the year after leaves have fallen.

Routinely Check for Damage on Your Roof

Most of us never pay any attention to the roofs on our homes. It’s never thought about until there is a problem or a roof leak. It’s best to routinely look at your home’s roof to look for damages or problems. This can be done from the ground or you can use a drone to inspect areas of the roof. It only takes a few minutes and can make a huge difference. Checking after storms is a great way to find problems before they turn into a roof leak.

Visit Your Attic from Time to Time

Do you visit your attic regularly? The first place most roofing problems will show up is in the attic. When your home’s roof is leaking the first place that will see the water is the attic. If the roof leak is small you may never see the problem inside the living areas of your home which makes it crucial to routinely visit the attic. You should look for water damage in areas along with any light that may be coming through the roof. There is also the threat of mold in the attic if the roof leak has been there long enough.

Get an Annual Roof Inspection

In order to get a better understanding of your home’s roof its best to get a routine roof inspection for your home. Getting an annual inspection of your home’ s roof can help to prevent problems and give you more peace of mind. Be sure to use a qualified roofing contractor such as Troy Roofing Pros when you get a roof inspection however. Call them today to schedule your roof inspection at 248-509-8015