About Little Tokyo Galleria General Contractor

George-Edwards-pictureLittle Tokyo Galleria General Contractor has been helping businesses and individuals that ware in need of general contractors since 2010. If we showcase one of our contractors, that means that we trust and you should be confident that they will do whatever they can to make your experience unique.

My name is George Edwards and I am the founder of LTGGC – Little Tokyo Galleria General Contractors. We specialize in presenting different companies from all over US. The specialty that we cover are general constructors, pluming, painters, roofers, property restoration and others. Feel free to share our content and ask us any question regarding our services.

If you need help you can get in contact with me or one of our associates on our contact page.

Here is our address:

Little Tokyo Galleria General Construction
1703 Bassel Street
Luling, LA, 70070