Choosing Your Home Windows in Southgate Michigan: Wood or Fiberglass

Has the windows in your home started to look a little dated? Maybe they have started to deteriorate and allow air drafts to enter your home driving your energy costs up. When it’s time to get new windows in Southgate Michigan you’ll have several options for your windows. Two of the most popular types of windows used in Southgate Michigan are wooden windows and vinyl or fiberglass windows. Typically, wooden windows are more popular on older homes and vinyl is more popular on newer homes but you can still interchange them if you wish and both can look great. In this article we’ll go over some of the benefits that each of these window types offer and help you decide for your home’s window project. 

Choosing Your Home Windows in Southgate Michigan: Wood or Fiberglass

When delving into a window renovation project, it is important to consider which option will provide you with the most value, security, and functionality. Educating yourself on the windows that are currently being sold on the market is a great way to jump-start your project. The most common types of windows used are wood and fiberglass, both contain several benefits for your home. To determine which best fits your needs, read the tips below:

Choosing Your Home Windows in Southgate Michigan: Wood or Fiberglass

Quality of Material of the Window Frames

If you are going for a more sturdy window option, fiberglass should be your pick. Because the frame and the glass of the window are a singular component, fiberglass windows are able to withstand more than a traditional wood frame. Fiberglass is also great in fluctuating climates. If the temperature drops in Winter or spikes in Summer, the window itself will not warp or bend. This is an unfortunate problem that can occur with wood window selections. A warped window will be difficult to close, or might even lack a proper seal over time.

General Appearance of the Home Windows

The purpose of your renovation is to add upgraded features to your home. It is your own personal preference on the style, size, and color of your windows. Keep in mind that your windows not only add aesthetic qualities to the inside of your home, but also to the outside curb appeal. Wood windows are traditional and often sought after by most homeowners. Fiberglass windows come in different options, but normally do not offer the same timeless look as the wood windows do. Wood windows are also more versatile when it comes to appearance — You are able to sand them and stain them to your liking.

Budget Factor for your Home Improvement Project

Both wood and fiberglass windows are an investment to the value of your home. They are usually comparable in their price range. It is important to consider the cost of repairs and maintenance rather than the upfront cost (since they are both about the same). In general, wood windows require more maintenance. They normally need to be repainted over time, as well. Fiberglass windows often come with a lifetime warranty, making them budget-conscious if you are considering the long run. The average lifespan of a wood window is anywhere between 12-15 years.

Repairs and Maintenance for the Windows in Your Home

Because wood is an organic material, wood windows are susceptible to rotting over time; they are also a potential target for termites. Fiberglass is inorganic, meaning the maintenance levels are likely going to be much lower. It is important to keep this in mind as you are making your selection.

Energy Efficient Options for your Home Windows

Your windows can provide you with energy efficiency! Both wood and fiberglass windows provide you with insulation for your home. If they had to be classified, it is thought that fiberglass holds the indoor temperature better due to the fact that the material is not impacted by external temperatures of any extreme. Installation is a crucial component of energy efficiency. No matter how tight a window is supposed to seal, it will be deemed useless if not installed properly by a professional.

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