Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater in Downriver Michigan?

Do you know when the last time when your water heater was replaced? A failing water heater can not only cause you to run out of hot water but it can also make your energy bills go up. Hot water is pretty much a necessity in any home. You never really know how much you need it until it’s gone.  you wouldn’t have no clean clothes, clean dishes, or be able to take a hot shower without hot water. And while hiring a contractor to replace a water heater in Downriver Michigan you can actually cut down on your energy costs while doing so. Newer, more modern water heaters are more energy efficient and can last for many years. Here are some tips to help determine if you should replace your water heater.

Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater in Downriver Michigan?

One thing you’ll need to consider is just how hot you want your water. While this seems crazy, you’d be surprised how much you save just by doing this. Many water heaters will come from the factory set at 140 degrees. While some home owners may want their water this temperature a great way to save money on energy costs is to set it to 120 degrees instead.  Chance are you won’t even notice the difference. After you made this adjustment or called a contractor to adjust the temperature for you, then you could try taking a shower and I highly doubt you would be able to tell a difference. not only does just save you money on your energy bill it also slows mineral buildup and corrosion and your heater and your pipes.

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Make Sure Your Water Heater is Insulated

Another tip we can share is that you should also make sure your tank is insulated. When you insulate your tank it helps the water heater to retain much of the heat that it produces. Of course by doing so you need to make sure you don’t block any vents on the system. And make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when doing this. if you do not do it  by recommendations, you could potentially create a fire hazard. If you need assistance you could always call your local contractor to help you.

Have a Heat Trap Installed

Another tip I have for you is to install heat traps. What a heat trap does is allow cold water  into the tank. but it prevents heated water to flow from the unit. Normally a water heater older than 10 years won’t have heat traps already installed. Another tip that may seem silly, but helps save tremendously is to just use hot water. You could use hot water for washing most of your laundry and for some grooming. Sometimes it’s better to just replace the entire water heater as a water heater older than 10 years old is reaching the end of it’s useful life anyway.

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Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Water Heater

Another tip is to drain the water tank on the water heater. It’s a good idea to drain your tank at least annually. Doing this can help remove the sediment that impedes the heat transfer in your water heater. If you are having trouble doing this you could call your local plumber to come help assist you. Normally a traditional water heater runs all the time. To be more cost efficient, you could install a timer. Having your heater run all night would be a waste of money. A timer allows you to turn it on for the time you use it and then cut off when you are finished. You’d be surprised how much this tip could save you.

You could also insulate your pipes also. This will help keep your water warmer during the transfer of coming out of your faucets. Doing so will also prevent fire hazards and also conserve heat so that your heater doesn’t have to work so hard in the reheat process. You could try replacing any appliances older than 10 years old. If your dishwasher or washing machine is older than that it would be a good idea to upgrade them. They are constantly coming out with more cost efficient appliances that save on your energy bill.

If you have problems with your water heater in Downriver Michigan be sure to call a professional to replace it. Sometimes it’s much better to replace the water heater with a newer more energy efficient model. Call Superior Comfort HVAC today for a water heater replacement in Downriver Michigan at 734-818-7141.