Should You Paint or Replace Your Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan?

One of the most appealing aspects of vinyl siding in Southgate Michigan is that the color is baked into the design, rather than painted on. But if your siding is still in good condition and you want to change the color of it, you may be considering painting it. If you really want to paint yours vinyl siding it can be done, but you will need to make sure it is done properly. But is it a good idea? Comparing the costs of replacing the siding versus painting the siding may surprise you. We’ll take a look at what it takes to paint your vinyl siding and whether you should actually do it below.

Should You Paint or Replace Your Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan?

The first thing you need to do before you do anything is to consider how much this paint job will actually cost. If your home is large you are going to need to spend quite a bit on paint. In addition, the paint will need to be high quality and able to handle a wide range of weather conditions. You’ll also need to know if the vinyl siding that you have installed on your home needs to be scrubbed first. It may have a protective coating designed to help keep it cleaner. If so, the coating may need to be removed and then the area primed to make sure paint will adhere to the vinyl siding.

You will also need to consider the actual act of painting your home. Will you be taking time to do it all yourself, or will you be hiring professionals? It is worth noting that those who have no experience painting houses shouldn’t start with something as important as your own home. If you mess it up it can cause you to not only spend more money to fix it, but decrease the curb appeal and value of the home. This is why it is highly recommended that you have a professional take on the task. Consider all of these costs when determining whether you should paint or replace your vinyl siding in Southgate Michigan.

Should You Paint or Replace Your Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan?

Inspect Your Siding

Your vinyl siding needs to be in good condition to be painted. If your home’s siding is cracked, dented or in any other way damaged, it should be replaced rather than painted over. This will not only guarantee that the color you want for your home is what you get, but prevent any further damage like efficiency loss or moisture damage. Older siding that will need to be replaced soon anyway should be replaced rather than painted, to save you time and money in the long term. Most vinyl siding is designed to last about 15 to 20 years.

Fully Clean Your Siding

Your siding needs to be fully cleaned before it is able to be painted. This is because dirt and debris on your siding can lead to lumpy looking results and make your home looks cheap. If you have a large home, it is recommended that you clean one section at a time so you don’t need to reclean sections if painting is delayed to another day. But it is important to make sure that you fully clean as much as possible to make sure that you get the best possible results. Usually this is done by pressure washing the siding which adds to the costs of the painting project.

Prepare Your Home For Painting

The first thing to do is pick out your paint color. You need to consider your siding’s current color and what it will take to cover it up. This can mean having to do several layers of primer and white paint to make sure the current color is fully covered. If this isn’t properly done you can end up with a mixture of the current and new color, rather than the color you are aiming for.

You will also need to have your home’s windows, gutters and doors separated off with painter’s tape to keep the new paint from getting on them. Move away toys, patio furniture and anything else that might be in that area to prevent paint from getting on it. Once again, it is highly recommended that you higher a professional to do the painting.

Before you decide to take on painting the siding on your home be sure to get a quote on replacing the vinyl siding for your Southgate Michigan home. You may be surprised at the cost of replacing the siding versus painting the existing siding. Call All Point Construction today at 734-407-7110 today to get an estimate on replacing your home’s siding.