4 Common Reasons You Have a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

When a roof leak occurs on your home it can quickly send you into a panic because you really don’t know what’s going on. And while a roof leak on your home can certainly be costly and damaging to your home there are steps that you should take to get it repaired. In fact, many of the roof leaks that occur happen for common reasons that can be found long before a roof leak does occur. Having a roofer in Plymouth Michigan come out and inspect your roof can locate some of these common problems and help to remedy them before a roof leak develops. We’ve included some of the more common reasons why you may have a roof leak on your Plymouth Michigan home.

4 Common Reasons You Have a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

Although getting roof damage can occur at any time sometimes roof damage will happen over time. The following 4 reasons are different than most of the roof damage because it actually takes some time to manifest itself. Storms can damage your roof at any time and high winds are always a threat to your roof. You can’t do much about the severe weather that happens in Michigan but there are some things that you can check to make sure that the roof will protect your home for a long time.

4 Common Reasons You Have a Roof Leak in Plymouth Michigan

Age of the Roof

One factor that you should always consider when determining if you should replace your roof or not is the age of the roof. Since most homes in Plymouth Michigan have asphalt shingle roofing installed chances are, your home does too. The lifespan of shingles is typically about 15 years. Some roofing systems can last longer but they are far less common. If your roof is older than 15 years old you likely need a new roof installed. The reason why age plays such a huge factor is that over time the shingles start to break down. The shingles will become more brittle and they start to pull away from the roof which makes them more easily damaged by wind. So the 25 mph wind they could withstand a few years ago may only be a 15 mph wind they are able to withstand now. An aging roof will continue to decline over time.

Improper Materials Installed

It is very important to use a properly qualified roofing contractor when you have a new roof installed or even a roof repair is done on your home. Sometimes roofers want to cut corners and install improper materials which can leave your roof vulnerable to damages. Also, when improper materials are used on the roof it can void the warranty on your roof as well. That’s why using a fully licensed and insured roofer is always recommended.

Clogged Gutters on the Home

Another common reason why your roof may be leaking is clogged gutters on the home. When the gutters get clogged it forces water to back up on the roof. This is especially problematic at valleys where much of the water collects on the roof before it exits. This backed up water can lead to damaged under shingles which ultimately end up causing a roof leak. Keeping your gutters clear can prevent this problem. Although if you already have a roof leak, you’ll need to get the roof leak repaired as well as clearing the gutters.

Debris Collecting on the Roof

Another huge problem that you may find in the valleys of your roof is debris collecting. As debris collects in the valley of your roof it can hold moisture against the roof shingles. If the debris remains for an extended time it can start to break down the roof shingles. It will also cause the color on the roof shingles to darken which can result in an eyesore on your roof. Keeping debris clear from the roof is important. If you have trees around your home it can be especially problematic.

Call a Professional in Plymouth Michigan

When you have a problem on your home’s roof it’s always best to call a professional roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan. Attempting a roof repair yourself is dangerous and you can end up damaging the roof even more. Call the experts at Home Pros Plymouth today at 734-548-9911 for a roof inspection on your Plymouth Michigan home.