Double Pane Vs Single Pane Glass. Which is Better for Replacement Windows in Wyandotte Michigan

Windows serve more of a purpose than peering into nature or trying to spot annoying neighbors walking toward your door before you pretend not to be home. They are a significant part of the energy efficiency of your house. And when you’ve decided on getting replacement windows in Wyandotte Michigan for your home it’s best to understand the differences in a double pane and single pane glass. Not only that, but you may even want to have triple pane glass installed in your home. We’ll go over the different advantages and disadvantages to each to help you make a more informed buying decision.

Double Pane Vs Single Pane Glass. Which is Better for Replacement Windows in Wyandotte Michigan

Many people purchase single pane windows or have a home that came with them. Single pane windows do have their place and some perks, but they were not designed for some of the locations and climates that they were placed in. So when should you go from single to double pane? This is especially true in Michigan where winter temperatures can stay below freezing for days on end. Having better insulation properties of multiple paned windows will help tremendously on your home’s energy efficiency and being able to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Having single pane windows in a cold region is playing a game of roulette every day it drops below 40 degrees. It isn’t simply the cold that puts your window at risk it is the wild temperature variations that arctic environments offer. The constant switching between hot, cold, wet and humid throughout the year greatly reduces the life of any single pane window.

Double Pane Vs Single Pane Glass. Which is Better for Replacement Windows in Wyandotte Michigan

Your Single’s Are Getting Warped

  • Once the window frame absorbs too much moisture over an extended period of time the window will bend and crook. In severe cases, this can cause windows to crack and eventually shatter, however, the beforehand warping will leave cracks in the windowsill in which cold air will find its happy way inside.You may also feel a draft on the inside of the home when this occurs.

Time For A Change

  • It is your home and it isn’t wrong to replace something because you do not love the way it looks.


  • If you are spending too much money too often on repairing the window you have it’s probably time to ask a home improvement contractor in Wyandotte Michigan for a quote on getting replacement windows installed in your home.


  • Double pane replacement windows in Downriver Michigan offer an extra layer of soundproofing to your home. This will not only keep noise out but also improve the acoustics of your sound systems. Could backfire a bit if your child is learning drums. At least you won’t have to fear the glass shattering when your kid’s friend brings his bass guitar over.

The Number 1 Reason 

  • You only have to do five minutes of research to conclude the superiority of double pane windows. It is virtually unanimous that double pane windows are worth the initial price you pay, if not just for the utility savings alone. They negate the need of getting storm windows, aid in the structure of the wall they are installed into and can withstand more abuse from things like directionally impaired birds.
  • The energy savings are estimated as high as 50%-70%. They are ideal for cold climates and hot climates, especially if you go for the E-coating. This is partially due to the fact that double pane windows are filled with either air or argon gas between the panes. This creates a thicker dead space that also cuts down on moisture build-up and fogging.

And You Can Even Look Through Them

Not many people appreciate the amount of effort their windows put in for them. To think they mostly just sit around and stare through them without even the slightest idea that those double pane beauties are cooling them down in the summer and keeping them warm in the winter. Now you are not one of those people. If you have any questions about double pane window installation, or want to get an estimate for installing replacement windows in Wyandotte Michigan, please call All Point Construction at 734-407-7110. They are fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor and offers free quotes!