Signs of Storm Damage to Your Home’s Roofing in Taylor Michigan

Storms can happen at any time or season. During winter months the snow and ice and frigid temperatures can damage your home in many ways. During the warmer months however the threat is usually from severe thunderstorms which have high winds and sometimes hailstones. During these storms your roofing in Taylor Michigan can become damaged and cause problems inside your home. These damages are not always obvious which can lead to even more problems later such as mold growth in the home. Here are some signs that your roof may have been damaged by one of these storms.

Signs of Storm Damage to Your Home’s Roofing in Taylor Michigan

One thing that should be mentioned is that when the storm is happening it is not advised to make any type of assessment to your roof. You may decide to place buckets or pots below any leaks to catch water but going on the roof is not advised. In fact, even after the storm has passed you still should not attempt to assess the roof yourself. Instead, call a qualified roofing contractor to do a roof inspection on your home. Many offer this service for free.

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Storms are sadly not only located in one specific area. While some areas may be more prone to storms, or have more of a certain type of storm, mother nature has no bounds and can happen anywhere. That means you need to both prepare for damage, and know the signs of when it has occurred. Whether you live in Tornado Valley, or in the suburbs of Connecticut, your home has to be strong enough to handle whatever is thrown at it and you have to know how to handle it.

When to Check for Storm Damage

You should never exit your home during a storm to look for damage. This will both keep you safe and allow you to assess the damage in full once everything is over. There is nothing to be done during the storm, and you should instead focus on staying calm and safe indoors. You can check for leaks in your attic or around the windows when it is raining, but you should only do this in milder storms where there is not a natural disaster you need to be worrying about. This will allow you to see more easily when moisture is able to get in.

Once the storm has ended and it is safe to exit your home, you will need to do a perimeter search and look for any issues.

Where to Check

You should start out your check by examining the perimeter of your home. Look for any signs of debris around or on your home, as well as anything missing from your home. If you have strong winds and shingles, you may see a few missing once the storm ends. You should also look at your roof and siding for any signs of dents or cracks, as well as any loosened pieces. Gutters should also be inspected for damage and debris, as well as any granules that may have come off your shingles. Make sure to check your attic for any signs of leaks and moisture damage as well.

What to Do About Storm Damage

Even a small issue can have a large impact on your home. Small dents can impact your home’s curb appeal, making it harder to sell your home, as well as weaken the area, making it more susceptible to damage in the future. Damage like cracks and leaks can lead to mold, structural damage and even fire hazards. That means that storm damage should be addressed as quickly as possible to both remedy the problem and prevent it from spreading.

You should contact your homeowner’s insurance as soon as possible and take photographs of the damage to document the issue. Filing a claim will set things in motion, but depending on your policy you may only be covered for some of the issues. Try to choose policies that will cover the general storm damage, as well as any issues common in your area. Then, depending on your policy, you may need to contact a contractor for an inspection, or you will need to go straight to the hiring process once the insurance adjuster has been out.

You need to also contact a qualified roofing contractor to repair the roof. Call Downriver Roofers at (734) 548-9919 for quality roofing services in Taylor Michigan.