Six Questions to Ask Your Northville Michigan Roofer Before You Sign a Contract

Getting a new roof installed on your home can be quite an investment. In fact, many of the roof replacement projects being done today can be over 5 thousand dollars even for a smaller home. If you’re investing that much money into your home it should give you a bit of a return. When a qualified roofer in Northville Michigan installs your roof it should last for many years. Not only that but it should also add some curb appeal to your home which also makes the home increase in value. But you’ll need to make sure it is done right and you use the right contractor for the project. Here are some questions you’ll need to ask before you sign a contract to replace your home’s roof.

Six Questions to Ask Your Northville Michigan Roofer Before You Sign a Contract

A roof contract is used by most reputable contractors. It should contain details about the project and what is expected of the roof contractor as well as the home owner. Here are some of the things that should be listed in the roof contract:

  • Materials used in the project
  • Total price of the project
  • When the project will be done
  • Method of Installation of the materials

There are many more items that can be used in the roofing contract but these are the bare minimum in most cases. The roof contract serves to protect the two parties (the roofer and home owner) in case there is a dispute later. As you can imagine having a roof contract is important if there are disagreements later. Having key points in the contract that address specific items that you ask about are important. It’s also important that you get a copy of the roof contract in case you need it later. Don’t simply sign it, request  a copy before the project begins.

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What Are Some Factors That Influence the Price of the Entire Project

As with any project, there may be loads of things that are revealed that need to be addressed after a project begins. For most roofing projects this is not common because a proper inspection can help to identify problems before the old roof is removed. However, understanding why the roof costs and labor costs on the project are a must.

What Are Some Previous Jobs You’ve Completed Like This One?

Hiring a roofing contractor is something that you’ll do only once or maybe twice to have a roof replacement done on your home. Most roofing can last for more than 20 years so it’s not likely you will  have a favorite per say. But you can inquire about other projects they have done which are similar to yours. Many roofers will provide the address of previous projects so you can take a look yourself.

Are You Fully Licensed and Insured in this Area?

Having a fully licensed and insured roofer is a must. If they don’t have the proper licenses and insurance to work in the area where your home is located you may have problems after the roof is installed. Not to mention it may not even be done correctly.

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What is the Time Frame Needed to Complete This Project?

For most of the larger roofing companies that have roofing crews available the time frame needed to install a new roof is typically just a few days. One thing you certainly want to avoid is a roofer who starts to replace your roof only to stop working and come back days or even weeks later to complete it.

Will You Place Protective Barriers Around My Home to Prevent Damages?

As the old roof of your home is removed there will be lots of debris falling away from the roof. If there are items you want to have protected such as garden statues and even your home windows ask the contractor what type of protective measures will they use to protect these items.

Who Will Be Responsible for Inspections and Permits?

You may need to have specific permits or inspections on your roof before, after, and sometimes even during the project. Make sure you talk with your contractor about who and which of these permits or inspections are needed for your home.

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