7 Reasons Why You May Need Replacement Windows in Southgate Michigan

If there is one thing you can say about the weather in Michigan is that it’s extreme. During the summer the temperatures can quickly bring a sweat in a few minutes in the outside. During winter is the opposite however with freezing temperatures that can last for many weeks. Having a home that is well insulated during these extreme temperatures is important. It means the HVAC system can keep the home at a comfortable temperature without using loads of energy. One area that has a huge impact on your home’s energy efficiency is the windows in your home. Failing windows can cost you each and every month. Here are some things you should look for which may indicate you need to get replacement windows in Southgate Michigan for your home.

7 Reasons Why You May Need Replacement Windows in Southgate Michigan

Failing windows can lead to all sorts of problems in your home. While some problems are easily noticed and something you can check by doing a visual inspection, there are some things that are not so obvious. When you need new windows in your home it will likely cost you more and more each month in terms of energy costs until you get new windows. If the windows are leaking it may be causing other damages to your home as well. Be sure to look for these signs which means you need replacement windows in your home.

Replacement Windows Southgate MI

1 – Your Windows Are Drafty

Drafty windows are certainly a problem. They allow air to come into the home from the outside. During fall and spring this may not be noticeable but during colder weather the chill that can come through cracks or holes around the windows can be quite noticeable. Even a small hole or crack may not be easily visible still allows this are transfer which can be bad. Chances are if air is coming through so is water when it rains which can lead to other damages in your home.

2 – You Have High Energy Bills

Has the energy bills in your home seemed to go up each month? One thing that new replacement windows can do for your home is to help with the energy efficiency of the home. Older windows can start to break down and lose the seals which cause them to lose their insulating factor.

3 – Your Windows Have Condensation Inside the Glass

One key sign that your windows are not performing as they should is that condensation appears between the glass on the windows. While the window may not appear damaged the seal is likely broken and it has lost the inert gases that are pressurized in the window for energy efficiency.

4 – Your Windows Don’t Open and Close Properly

Windows should open easily without any problems. Once open they should also stay in place unless you try to close them. Also when closed they should lock easily and unlock easily. Sometimes windows can be painted shut or have other track problems which don’t allow these operations. If the windows can be used for egress it is important for safety that you get the windows replaced.

5 – There is Visible Damage or Rot on the Windows

A huge advantage of vinyl windows is that you don’t need to worry about the window rotting. There may be signs of other damage however which you should look for on the windows both on the inside of the window as well as the outside.

6 – Insects Around the Windows

While you may not be able to find holes or cracks around the windows they may still be there. Small holes is where insects come into your home and if you notice ants, spiders, or other insects on the windows you may have holes or cracks around the windows or the windows themselves.

7 – Your Home is Noisy

A noisy home is great as long it is by your family’s laughter but not so much when it’s because of a nearby highway. Replacement windows made today are better at preventing noise pollution from getting into your home.

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